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As a national company working in agrochemicals, agricultural equipment supplies and one of the actors in agricultural development, PT. PANCA AGRO NIAGA LESTARI sees a great potential in agribusiness. Therefore, we want to contribute to economic growth in Indonesia, especially in agriculture and plantation sectors. Clasping hands together with farmers, users, and government, we, PT. PANCA AGRO NIAGA LESTARI, want to help increase the agricultural productivity in Indonesia.

Our company profile is compiled with the aims of introducing our company to the customers consist of plantations or estates, dealers, kiosks and direct users to get to know us and the products which we currently distributes. In broader context, we hope that our company profile serves as information and knowledge center which gives greater contribution to the economic growth in Indonesia, especially in agricultural sector.

PT. PANCA AGRO NIAGA LESTARI was established on April 2000. Now, the company has 14 branches and 106 Employees.
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